Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday morning Breakfast devotional.

Every Tuesday the guys from different Calvary Chapels gather together for breakfast and morning devotional at a restaurant called "Jonathans". It is a blessing to have men gather from CC Tokorozawa, CC West-Tokyo, CC Fuchu and Logos Christian Fellowship for a time to fellowship and discuss God's Word.

Pastor Rick and Sean Lawrence.

Pastor Rick (CC Okinawa) visited CC Fuchu this past Sunday and met Sean Lawrence. Both Sean and Rick met together to go up to Sendai to meet up with the missions team from CC Perris Valley and CC Big Bear . Sean works for the profit "G.K.H." (Give Kids Hope), Sean's organization brought big cans of soup and other supplies to give out to those affected by the Tsunami and Earthquake. It was good to see an "old" face from the island.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Typhoon Damage

Recently, there was a typhoon that hit Japan, beginning from Okinawa and ending in Mainland Japan. At first all the Typhoon brought was some rain but then it grew more powerful with heavy rain and very strong winds.
I didn't realize how strong this typhoon was until I went running the next day to see the aftermath, check out the photos it was really intense. Literally there were trees all scattered around the park, they looked like weeds having been plucked from the ground and left on the ground to wither away.

Truly it is amazing to see the power of nature and how soft to how strong the wind can be.

Youth Funday

At least once a month CC Fuchu puts on a day that allows the youth to come to the church to eat lunch, play games and fellowship. This time Tokito was asked to share his testimony to those who have came, those who heard from Toki were blessed to hear of how the Lord got a hold of his life.

WWW (Wherever, Whenever Worship)

The Lord put it on Mariko's heart to meet at CC Fuchu and allow anyone to come together to play and sing worship.  The event is called "WWW" (Wherever, Whenever Worship). The get together has been a real blessing for all who has attended me included. Gathering together corporately to sing praise to the King and Savior is always a blessing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Packed train, Tokyo style.

The ride back home to Fuchu from visiting Dan Bolinger was insane. Literally all of these people in the picture above was on the train all bound for the same destination; a concert. Pastor Rich said that one of Anna Hebel's wish-list was to be on a packed train in Tokyo.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dedication Service at W2

Yesterday night was a special night at W2 as Andrew Neely was ordained as a Pastor. God is doing many wonderful things for both Andrew and Kayo and this event is just another reminder and example of His good work in both of their life. Who would have thought that a Corn-lover, motorcycle riding, country boy would later be in Sub-Tropical Okinawa Japan later to be teaching in Japanese and being a pastor in Japan? Amazing and wonderful. (Picture taken by Joel Coronado)

Hospital Visit: Dan Bolinger

Dan and his family hails out of Calvary Costa Mesa where he has now been living in mainland Japan for the past 4-5 years as a missionary. Dan has been in the hospital for some time now due to the condition of his heart. Dan's heart has a condition where it does not pump properly causing his body to be weak and other conditions. For now, Dan needs to stay in the hospital for at least a month where he needs to lost weight in order for the hospital to run a biopsy on his heart and decide what they need to do. It was a good time to see this brother in the Lord, please keep Dan and his entire family in your prayers both for Dan and for his family's protection. "Lord in Your power please heal Dan from his heart condition and bring glory and praise to your name, Amen".

Fellowship Time

This past Thursday, Me, Michael and Yasutomo were able to get together and fellowship. Within us three each of us represented 3 of the calvaries on the mainland. We were able to get together and each all-you-can-eat Okonomiyaki, t'was good fellowship. Please keep Michael and Yasutomo in your prayers as they are heavily involved with ministry at their churches (Tokorozawa and Kokubunji).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Awesome lunch

The kids at Fuchu daycare bring their lunch everyday they attend. Often times their bento is packed with good food from their Mom. Kogei's lunch today is the best I've seen. It Kogei most of the lunch time to pack it all down. That's what I call a "power meal"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anniversary cake

The church celebrated their anniversary by eating a cake from beloved Costco. One of the pluses about the mainland is that there is Costco.

Calvary Fuchu 2nd Anniversary

Much has happened over the past two years since the beginning of Calvary Fuchu. god has given the body a new building along with new church members and increasing of kids at the day care. Here is pastor Rich sharing his testimony along with Aki translating. Praise the Lord for His work and the more He will be doing with the body in Fuchu.

Men's breakfast

On Saturday the men of cc Fuchu got together for breakfast and the word.
All were encouraged to be men who are sanctified at all times as servants of the Lord. The fellowship was a real blessing.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tatsuhiko the License Master!

This past week Tatsuhiko passed his driver's test and is now able to drive legally in Japan! Tatsuhiko is currently in Mainland Japan staying with his family before his school starts up again in Okinawa. It was good to hang out with the "Hatanaka-nator" before he leaves for school.