Monday, December 31, 2012

Lewis and Kumiko.

While visiting Gil and his family we were able to meet up with Lewis and Kumiko. Both were visiting Lewis' family in Bakersfield for the holidays and was able to meet together. It was a blessing to also meet Lewis' Dad, Kevin. Both look alike don't they?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Journey to Bakersfield.

As me and my family make our journey to central Bakersfield, California, the weather began to get cooler and cooler. Like the picture shows, we went thru a bit of snow, these pictures were taken from the "Grapevine Pass". My family were cold but I was used to this cold weather, just like Tokyo.

Pleasant surprise by David Downs.

David Downs is a missionary that has been sent out from our home church, LivingWater. David has been serving and out reaching in Montebullna, Italy. Currently, David is in California visiting churches and family during his furlough, it was a pleasant surprise. David has been a child hood friend to Pastor Tim Newell of CC Nago, Okinawa. Please pray for David as he prepares to go out in faith to do a church plant in Italy.

Merry Christmas.

May everyone have a wonderful Christmas 2012. Enjoy your time with friends and family.

Christmas Eve.

Every Christmas Eve, my family joins my Mom's side of the family, the Sandovals. There is always a time to eat, talk and catch up with the family. Here is a picture of my Mom's brothers and sister along with my Gramdma. Great picture of them.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

"G" Crew.

Here is good picture of my Dad, Carlos and Jesse. Both Jesse and Carlos have been friends of the family for at least 9 years. All of them had glasses with similar looks. Ha.

Calvary Chapel LivingWater.

This Sunday me and my family attended Calvary Chapel Living Water. It was great to again see those from our sending church. Pastor Jerry shared out of Luke 12 to the congregation. It was a fun time of encouragement.

CC Fuchu Christmas Party.

Bryan took some great pictures today on the CC Fuchu Christmas party. As the picture shows, there was a lot of people who attended, Bryan commented and even said "The place was packed". Those who attended participated in games and dessert. Pastor Rich always gives nice parties for people to come out and fellowship.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Surfing at Old Man's.

California weather is good year around, especially the surf. While in California my Dad tries his best to hit the waves when he gets the chance. Me and my dad hit the famous surf spot San Onofre or "Old Man's". San Onofre is famous for being a place where anyone can come to surf or learn to surf. The waves were supposed to be only 1-2 ft. but it was bigger than predicted with waves 3-4ft. Perfect to have a day.

Winter Trip to California.

With the semester done CCBC:Japan is now in their winter break. I am able to come to California for the winter break to see family and friends for Christmas. Here is my brother Asa and my Grampa eating breakfast. Asa sure is happy.
Please keep me and my family in your prayers as we will go speak at various churches in California as well as attending various conferences.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The ladies return.

The ladies have returned from Sendai safely. Naoko, Yuko, Takako & Aya went to visit/help Chuck and Yumi Robb. The ladies helped in various activities from cooking to playing games with the children who attended the events. Praise The Lord.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Signing off to Tom Cotton.

Cotton's stay in Iwakuni was shorter than ours. Tom had to head back to Tokyo the next day he arrived so he would catch his plane back to Australia. Please keep Tom in prayer as he visits family for the holidays.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Youth Conference: Enabled.

The conference has gone underway. It was a real blessing. The kids that attended had a desire to follow Jesus. What a blessing to see a younger group have a heart to follow Him.

Safe Arrival.

Our voyage to Iwakuni was accomplished with ease. Here is Reid taking a picture with the mountains of Iwakuni in the background. The weather is cold but not as cold as Tokyo weather. Praise The Lord for the short break.

Bound for Iwakuni.

A group of us from the Bible College are traveling south to visit Calvary Chapel Iwakuni to help be apart of a youth conference. Please keep us in your prayers as we are traveling by bus. 14 hours. Woof.

Jordan the clown.

Jordan returned back to Tokyo from Okinawa to catch his plane. He put on a hat at a store and it reminded me of Donald Sutherland from "Kelly's Heroes". Please keep Jordan in your prayers as he still has one more semester to finish.

Breathtaking Picture.

Michal Snider and Peter Scott recently took part of the Mt.Fuji Lake Marathon. The stories they were sharing sound great but also hard. This picture was taken by Michal before the race. What a sight! Fuji is standing there peacefully and in silent. Filled with snow. Great.

CCBC:Japan - Graduation Fall '12.

The semester has flown by as quick as a jet. It has been an honor in being able to be apart of another semester this year. Also it was a privilege in celebrating and witnessing those who have graduated. Please keep Alex, Naoko & Julia in your prayers as they have finished studying and are now full time into ministry.

CCBC Banquet.

This past Tuesday night, CCBC Tokyo celebrated the semester by going to Ken's Steak-House for dinner. A few teachers from Okinawa came up to also celebrate. What a fun time it was to fellowship and pig out on ice cream.

Big Tuna.

It was incredible to see the huge slabs on tuna meat as well as the pieces of tuna waiting to be sold. The boxes filled with ice could easily fit a human being inside. It amazes me how big a fish can be. My uncle Ted loves to go deep sea fishing, now I can understand the rush it must feel to haul in a big sea fish.

Amazing fish.

Walking thru the fish market there were some incredible sights to see. Inside the shops, men were grabbing fish and cutting it fresh and repeatedly yelling to customers to buy their fish. It reminded me of the fish market down in Tijuana, Mexicali.

Tsukiji Fish Market.

Tsukiji fish market is world famous. Here, Tsukiji boasts the best fish Japan has to offer. It is here that boasts the famous "tuna auctions". Many top notch sushi restaurants come here early in the morning (4-6am) to buy the best fish on the market and sell it at their shop. The place is constantly busy until the latter morning.


Meet Mokusei. Mokusei recently has returned from New Zealand after living there on a workers visa for 10 months. In New Zealand, Mokusei met up with a Calvary Chapel Summer Camp. There, Mokusei was introduced to Jesus and has began his Christian walk. Currently, he is looking where he is to live in mainland Japan.