Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lectures in Ministry: Pastor Tim Newell.

Pastor Tim was able to share this Friday morning's lecture. Pastor Tim is currently up in northern Okinawa, called Nago City. Tim has been a missionary in Okinawa for 10 years, God is continually doing a work in his life and his family. Please continue to keep the Newell family in your prayers. The students were able to hear and e encouraged to keep the four foundations in ministry found in Acts 2:42.

Praying for the group.

This Wednesday was the students last midweek Bible study in Fuchu. Lewis and some of those who attend the Bible study prayed over the students as their semester is coming at an end. Please keep the students in your prayers as Finals week will be this coming week. Time is flying.

Clear day in Tokyo.

I arrived safely back to Tokyo. The flight was easy and also getting back to Fuchu. There is a new way to get back to Tokyo from Narita airport by bus. Normally, the cheapest way to get to the airport is by train but it takes over 2 hours to get there. With the bus it now takes only am hour and its the same price. Check out the SkyTree. It's the tallest tower in the world.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Brazilian BBQ.

Some of the guys went out for some Brazilian barbecue for lunch on Saturday and it was good. The waiter would come and bring a certain kind of meat where you get to choose your portion and eat.
Look at Rob. He was ready to feast.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The conference has finished.

This was the first youth conference that CCBCJapan has done and it was a blessing. Please continue to pray for all the youth who attended that their hearts for Jesus grows as well as their desire to serve.

Yoshua the preaching machine.

Yoshua topped off the conference in teaching out of 2 Timothy chapter 4. Everyone was extremely encouraged as Yoshua shared that all are enabled to preach the Gospel.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tom Cotton the teaching machine.

Cotton and Yoshua taught the guys at the conference. The theme was "Enabled for Perseverance". Cotton encouraged the men that perseverance is needed while living for Jesus.

Hanging out.

This morning before the second day of the conference, Josh Hagan grabbed the guitar and began jamming. Keep playing hard!

Calvary Chapel Youth Conference.

Friday is a Japanese national holiday and for this reason CCBC:Japan is holding a youth conference. Please keep the conference in your prayers as we are teaching out of 2 Timothy. The theme of the conference is called "Enabled".

Servants of Jesus!

It was good to see the post students from Tokyo. Both the Anna's, Jordan & Justin were busy serving those at the Thanksgiving party. Look at Anna Holt's face, the smile says it all; "Serving Jesus is a blast".

Thanksgiving party in Okinawa.

2012 continues to fly quickly. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to celebrate with friends and family. I am blessed in being able to come down and visit my families in Okinawa. Check out CC Ginowan. The place is packed. There was no room to sit in the cafe.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Great blessing.

Apples in Japan are a true treat. They are not cheap but when you eat a Japanese apple you know you are getting a good one. The college students in Tokyo were blessed to get a box from my dad's aunt in Tokyo. These apples were huge. The biggest I've seen yet.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early send off.

Our stay in Tohoku region was quick but it was fruitful. We needed to catch out bus back to Tokyo early in the morning. As we left we were able to see the sunrise again. So beautiful to God's creation.

Thanksgiving Party.

We were able to help do a thanksgiving event to the kids that Chuck teaches English to. Here's Carel and Yuko doing face painting with the kids. The kids didn't like the paint on their face but they did want it on their hands. At the party the kids were explained the history and purpose of thanksgiving. Truly this is a holiday to give thanks to God for His blessings and provisions.

Beautiful Sunrise.

Chuck and Yumi needed a couple of helping hands this past weekend. Me, Yuko & Carel went up to help. The morning sunrise was great to see. The northern region of Japan is wonderful to see.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lecture in Ministry: Akashi Kiyomasa

Kiyomasa was able to share this Friday's lecture with the students. Kiyomasa shared about the topics in how to effectively preach the Gospel to the Japanese people. The topics that he shared about was the polytheistic thoughts the importance of family with the Japanese people.

Studying at the Golden Arches.

Tonight, those who didn't have Cotton's Hebrews class went out to McDonalds to study. It's always nice to change up the environment while studying. There was no internet at the restaurant that allowed us to focus on the task at hand. Look at Gabe and Yuko, no distractions at all. Totally focused and "in the zone".

Monday, November 12, 2012

Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Palace isn't far from Ginza district so the students walked 15 minutes to the Imperial Palace. The imperial Palace is home to the Emperor of Japan. It is crazy to visit Japan and not see the Emperor's shack. That's like going to England and not seeing Buckingham palace or going to Washington D.C and not seeing the White House.

Traveling to Ginza.

The students have been very studious lately and the time to go exploring the city has come. Majority went tithe area of Ginza. Ginza is a shopping district and it is the most expensive area to shop in Tokyo. This is where the famous knowledge of $10.00 coffee can be found. Ginza is also the first place to offer "window shopping" to the Japanese people way back in the early years of Japan. It was a great time to look around.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kazuki's first time.

Before we headed back to Fuchu my van load stopped at Costco. There are some things you cannot get anywhere else but at Costco. This was Kazuki's first time ever at Costco and he absolutely loved it. He was shocked at how big the pizza portion size was.

Time to go back.

I have been able to attend the pastoral/leadership retreat for the past two years and each time it's been great. Here is a picture of those who did not leave yet. As you can see there were many men representing their church, from Tokorozawa, Fuchu, Okinawa and Kagoshima. The list keeps going. What a fun time and a blessing as vision was given and received friendship was strengthened.

Cabin Crew.

Here were some of the guys from the cabin we stayed in for the retreat. Majority of us from the bible college background stayed in the same place. It was great to catch up all together again.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Q&A with Bob Haag

There was a question and answer time for both leaders and pastors. The pastors separated leaving the leaders with Bob Haag. Bob Haag serves part time at Calvary Chapel Honolulu. It was good time to ask questions and pick his brain.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let the conference begin.

It's time for the conference to begin. 80 men all across Japan has arrived to attend who are Pastors and leaders. Please pray for those attending that God will speak, advise & direct those who are attending. Without God, nothing can be done.

Time to say goodbye.

It was time to say goodbye to my Mom and Kayo as they head back to Okinawa today. The time was short but it was sweet and fruitful. Also, it is time for Me, Tokito, Keegan & Aaron to head up to the mountains of Okutama for the Calvary Pastoral & Leadership Conference. Also, my Father and four other men from Okinawa will also attend.

W2:Birthday Celebration.

W2 was a blast last night as the body was able to celebrate Kayo's birthday. Kayo came up to Tokyo to attend and help at the recent women's conference. What a privilege to celebrate her special day. I have known Kayo already 10 years. Time has blew by so quick. God Bless you Kayo!

Ladies Conference.

The ladies conference was a blast.
Those from the Calvaries on Japan both far and near came out to attend this past Saturday. The Saturday was filled with guest speakers and fellowship. A great time of encouragement and catching up with friend. Great job ladies.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lecture in Ministry: Rich Rose.

Pastor Rich was able to share with the students of the importance of continually staying in humility in 1 Peter 4:7-10. As our maturity and walk continues with Christ we never go "a ladder up" but we take "a ladder down" in humility.

The Arrival of Spencer.

Jesse Spencer has arrived safely to Tokyo. Jesse is a CCBC alumni and a recent graduate at Barclay Christian College. God has opened the door for Jesse to help intern at the College and work at WeGoEigo. Please keep Jesse in your prayers as he has a heart towards the Japanese people.