Thursday, January 24, 2013

Celebrating with Jesse Spencer.

On Thursday, it was Jesse's birthday. Unfortunately Jesse would not be here on that day so the guys went after church to celebrate by having sushi. Many of us haven't had sushi in a while so it was good to fellowship. Please keep Jesse in prayer as he had to leave for Korea for a week stay to renew his tourist visa. Jesse is currently having his paper work done for him to continue to serve at CC Fuchu.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Back in Action.

Returning back to Fuchu, I made it in time for the Friday night fellowship. Great to see everyone again, a month is too long. Blessing to be back in fellowship. Now it's time to fight the jet lag, I'm getting tired!

Back in Japan.

My stay in the States was a blessed time. Yet as my time in California came towards an end my eagerness to return to Japan was coming. My flight from LA to Narita was great, hardly any one was one the plane. Plus, Keegan was on the same flight, so I had a travel companion. It was great.

Heading out.

I was very thankful for the opportunity God gave to me in going to visit CC Williamsburg and the East Coast. Though I'm leaving Virginia I will see a few faces from CC Williamsburg in a couple months. Pastor Tom is going to come over to Japan along with a small missions team. Until then Pastor Tom, see you later and soon.

Saying goodbye.

Saying goodbye is never fun. Sadly, my time in Virginia came at an end. I was able to say goodbye to many old and new friends. It was nice to say goodbye to my cousin Kristen and her kids. Lord willing, I will return to Virginia and see what God is doing n

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saying bye to Matt Hallman.

Pastor Tom's youngest son, Matthew was staying in Williamsburg while on Winter break. On Sunday it was time for Matthew to go back to "Liberty University" in Lynchburg, Va. It was fun to meet up and see Matthew again.

Park day with the cousins.

While out with Kristen, we had some spare time so we took her kids to the park, my second cousins. It was a fun time getting to see them. I have not seen them in 5 years, last time I saw them I had not met the youngest, Zion until now. They were fun to hang with them.

Cool scene.

Sunday morning, I got ready for church and headed out the door where it was foggy. I liked how the houses were standing there with the fog all around. It was thick from afar but not as you went thru it.

Birthday dinner at the Hallmans.

I was able to celebrate my 23rd birthday out in Virginia. Pastor Tom and his wife, Jeanne was nice enough to put on a birthday dinner by serving a traditional Virginian meal, pull apart pork sandwiches served with "slaw" (coleslaw). Also Kristen made three ice cream pies. Yum.

Yorktown Victory Monument.

I had a day free before the conference began so my cousin Kristen took me to see a historical sight near Williamsburg. This sight is where the end of the Revolutionary war happened. Yorktown is where general Cornwallis surrendered to general Washington and the continental army. What a cool sight, there were also houses still standing from the revolutionary war as well.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Concert with Revely.

After the Friday night session the youth at the conference were able to hear Revely. The band members went to a school of worship in Florida where God continued to use them afterwards. The band did a great job in performing and interacting with the youth.

"Enabled" Youth Conference has begun.

The Confeence has started this weekend. It's the first youth conference that CC Williamsburg has held. There are many churches who have participated as a total of 7 different Calvaries have joined, some from North Carolina. Here is Pastor Tom's son, Matthew MCing the conference.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CC Williamsburg.

This week I am blessed in being able to go to the East Coast to visit our family in Christ in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have visited Williamsburg before, but that was five years ago. Much has changed and much has grown for CC Williamsburg. This is the picture of the sanctuary. Pastor Tom and body did a great job fixing the building.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Staples Center.

Me and my Dad were blessed in being able to attend a Clippers game. Normally, me and my Dad cheer for the lakers but you can't pass up cheap tickets. Here is my Dad with the new Kareem statue. It was a fun time of hanging together.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

CC Into The Light.

Pastor Tom (my Dad) spoke at CC Into The Light, in Lahabra, Ca. It was special in that Pastor Tom spoke a two part message to the body. It was a great encouragement to understand that we our to walk in Wisdom (Eph.5:-21). The body was then given a chance to minister to each other after the service in a time of afterglow.

Fellowship at the Sedota's.

Daniel and his wife Naeon was able to come over from S.Korean to see the family for the holidays. The Sedota's invited the a few friends to spend in a time of fellowship but also for a short time of worship. Great time to spend with everyone.