Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday lecture

Our first Friday lecture was taught by missionary Eder Diaz. Eder lives in northern Okinawa in Nago city. Both campuses were able to hear what Eder have I say via Google+. Party chat is an awesome way to get in touch.

The age of technology.

This is a special semester. Majority of classes are taught live but streamed to a student in the opposite campus (Okinawa, Tokyo). Check out Anna Folkerts learning Japanese via FaceTime. Sweet.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Worship Squad.

The first group in Tokyo is gifted with musical talent. Anna, Jordan and Justin hopped on the piano, Guitar and Cajon and immediately started playing together. Worship is wonderful in that strangers can come together and make beautiful music to God.

Anna 2!

This is Anna's first time to attend CCBC:Japan but she is no stranger to Japan. Anna was born and raised in her early childhood both in Tokyo and Okinawa. Anna's family was apart of Campus Crusade until God moved them back to Colorado. She is talented with singing and piano. Great.

Anna is here!

This is Anna, she is attending CCBCTokyo for her third semester. There are three Anna's attending this semester. Easy to remember but irfan be confusing if they're around together.

"Music man" Jordan Echeverria

Jordan is from San Diego and is here in Japan for his third semester. Jordan was initially going to go Siegen Germany until God changed plans and brought him to Tokyo. Jordan plays the guitar really good.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dan with the kids.

Dan recently did an event with some Japanese kids. They went and visited a river. This is a great picture. Please keep pastor Dan in your prayers that God will continue to give both His strength and patience towards Dan.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Let the semester begin.

The Fall semester has begun at CCBC Japan today. Please keep those attending the Bible College in your prayers. God has many things in store for them in speaking to them, spiritual growth and stretching of spiritual maturity.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ainsley is postponed.

Meet Ainsley, she is attending the bible college but she is not supposed to be here in Tokyo yet. Because of the massive typhoon in Okinawa Ainsley's trip to Okinawa is postponed for a couple of days. So, she is able to stay with us until her flight leaves to Okinawa. God is good.

Justin the tech master!

Justin comes from Hawaii and this is his first semester of Bible College. Justin heard about the bible college from his father who saw our bulletins at the Calvary Pastors Conference. Justin is a tech master as he did a year at UH for computer programming.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

She's back!

Naoko is back in Tokyo. Her visit in Okinawa has come at an end and now her fourth semester in Bible College will begin soon. Please keep her in prayer as Naoko will be an intern as well as a student.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fitting end.

Our time in Darwin is at an end. Our flight leaves early Tuesday morning at 3 am. We needed to stay awak so we had dinner at a park and went to the beach again to look at the sunset to end our adventure at Darwin.

Snoozing away.

As we waited to board our flight at 3:00am many of the passengers were tired. Look at this guy, he is my Father and he is tired. Looks almost sedated. Haha.

Beautiful Sunset

While we were waiting to go attend the Sunday night service us guys headed to the beach to look at the sunset. As the picture shows it was beautiful, the weather was cool, the beach was calm and almost the entire beach was to ourselves.

Sunday night at "In:Church"

On Sunday we didn't go out exploring but instead we attended a couple churches. It was great to being able to meet Christians in Darwin to fellowship and gain a broader insight on the people and city of Darwin.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Termite Mounds.

There are some really big termite mounds in the Northern Territory. It is incredible to see how these termites work together to form a sturdy home.

Lichtfield National Park.

South of Darwin is the Lichtfield national park. This park boasts many great things for one to come and enjoy. One of which are the many termite mounds that are throughout the park. Termites are a vital part of the Northern Territory as their digging allows the ground to be replenished.

Darwin Nightlife.

During the day there are people walking around but as the day progresses and the night advances the life begins to thrive. Walking the streets reminds us of walking the streets of Tel Aviv in Israel.

King size breakfast

Bread and fruit are at a reasonable price here in Darwin. Our breakfasts and lunches have consisted of bread. Bread is expensive in Japan so it's nice to chow down on some good pan.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WWII History.

Darwin Australia is rich with WWII history. As the Japanese war machine progressed and spread in Asia their intention was to also attack and control Australia. The Japanese had to come from the North and fight here in Darwin. There was much fighting as the Australian army fought valiantly against the constant attack from the Japanese air force. Here's what remains from WWII. This is a coastal gun battery station. The station would hold a large artillery canon to fire at oncoming Japanese ships.

Darwin, Australia.

We have made it safely to Darwin. The weather here is very nice. It reminds us of being back in California walking the streets of Balboa. Australia has a different feel but it's nice being here thus far.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Same direction, different destinations.

The last of the SOS students are leaving CCBC:Tokyo. All of us are heading to Narita airport where we will separate. I will meet up with my Dad and a couple of other guys from Okinawa where we will leave to Australia. At the same time my sister and Asa along with Jake and Aaron fly back to Okinawa but on different planes.

Relaxing on the rooftop.

The weather is beginning to cool down already. During the day the sun is hot but come around 3:30pm a nice breeze hits the city of Fuchu. The college is blessed to be able to have a rooftop to relax and enjoy the nice breeze. It's wonderful to also see Mt.Fuji while doing so.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Last day of Summer School.

These two past weeks have flown by quickly. It was a blast to have been able to help at this years summer school at WeGoEigo. Please pray for all the kids who attended (100+) that their Bible stories will not be forgotten alot with the love of Jesus.
Please keep the SOS attendees in prayer as they begin leaving this weekend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ice Cream after Ramen.

The SOS guys wanted to eat some mainland style ramen so we went out to Yokohama ramen. The guys loved it and also the bonus of all you can stack ice cream for ¥100. Bryan made sure his cup of ice cream was proper.

Jason the teacher.

Meet Jason,
Jason is one of the newest missionaries to join CCFuchu along with his wife Carrie. Jason and his wife have been in Japan for a year helping at another church until God pressed it upon their hearts to help in Fuchu. Here Jason is teaching the kids about Jesus.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nathan the fireman.

Before the firetruck and fire hose Japan would put the fire out in different methods. To keep the fire from spreading Japanese "firemen" would destroy the houses nearby the fire causing the flame to being unable to touch the surrounding areas causing the flame to die. Here's Nathan holding the "flag" for when the firemen would come to the rescue.

Instrument of Surrender.

Every time I come to Edo Museum I make sure to visit and see the "Instrument of Surrender". This file is important to the world as this holds the agreement to end WW2. Here's Asa with the paper.

Edo Museum with SOS group.

Saturday is the student's free day and thus we went to the Edo Museum. It's always great to visit the Edo museum and keep the Japanese history fresh in mind.

Ryogoku Station.

Next to Ryogoku station is the Tokyo Sumo Dome. Because of the Sumo stadium the area is rich with Sumo themes. It is a likely sight to see a sumo walking the streets in traditional Japanese garb. Me and my brother was able to catch a sumo walking.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Still going strong....

The first week of summer school has come to pass. It has been fun to hang out with the older kids. Here is the older group watching the story of Noah.