Friday, March 30, 2012

Lectures in ministry with Kiyomasa & Taeko San

Every Friday the Bible college students are able to hear a lecture on ministry by someone who is in the ministry. This week we were able to hear Pastor Kiyomasa and his wife Taeko. Both Kiyomasa and his wife has served as missionaries in different countries in Asia until God called the couple back to the Mainland. Now, Kiyomasa is pastoring a group of people where he lives. It was great to hear.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Korean houses.

These houses are sweet looking. It amazes me of how similar the houses resembled the houses to Japan before the turn of the century. I liked the smoke stack at one of the houses, it really "stumped" me.

Korea Culture.

Before heading off to the airport Pastor Mike took us to a Korean traditional "folk village". The village offers tourists and Koreans a glimpse of what life looked like before the turn of the century.

First lectures.

While I am in Korea the students resumed their Friday "Lectures in Ministry". Yet this Was the first time for the lectures to be held in Tokyo. Pastor Rich was able to come teach the first lecture in Tokyo. Thanks Rich!

Incredible ingenuity.

This absolutely blew me away. Outside of one of the Korean houses there was a fire and a black metal lid. Pastor Mike opened the lid and water was inside. In Korea, houses have heated floors to keep the cold air from coming up thru the floor by heating pipes filled with water under the floor. I thought this invention was performed recently but I was wrong. Korea has been doing this for a long time, over a hundred years.

The trip is half finished.

Arriving in Narita Airport the trip back home hasn't finished yet. In fact, the trip is only half-way done. We still have to make the adventure of taking the train back to Fuchu. Here is Allie and Josh, this is their first time taking the Tokyo train system. They already look like professionals.

Taking off.

Our time in Korea has come at an end. These past five days have globe by oh so quickly. Though it has been fast the trip was a blessing. Spending time with old and new friends is always a treat. It was also fun being able to come and do ministry alongside with Pastor Mike, Daniel and some of the Korean Christian girls. Until next time, see you later Korea!

Nuclear Summit 2012.

What are the chances? Arriving at Incheon airport to leave was the same time that President Obama and other dignified leaders were preparing to leave Korea as well. Many leaders from different countries came to South Korea to discuss talks concerning Nuclear safety. The airport was buzzing with Korean culture everywhere.

Spotting Dragons.

Here are two "Dragons" that were found. Don't they look familiar?

Beautiful scenery.

I couldn't help but take these pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Amazing tight rope walking.

After the cultural dance and old Korean man came up next and did tight rope walking. This was one old man who was in excellent health. He was limber and was doing tricks that a young man would do or have a hard time. The saying is true, "Eat your Kimchi makes you strong and young" (joking).

Cultural dances.

We were able to catch a dance permanent by a group of men wearing traditional garments. These guys were really good. It is hard to explain exactly what they did, other than that they provided good entertainment.

CCBC:Tokyo discipline.

In one of the outer courtrooms there were old torture devices that showed how the Koreans disciplined others. Here is Josh demonstrating one of the correcting methods: paddling. Nothing like a good spanking to correct a student that didn't do his Chuck Tracks. Jk

Korean Dramas.

Korean dramas are popular here in Asia. The culture village we went to is a famous site that is home to many Korean dramas. One of which involves the characters that me and Josh are posing with.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tough Chicks.

Out walking in the city I spotted a group of girls that were donned in their military outfit. These women are apart of Korean Military force. Korean is always prepared for any outbreak or attack of war against their Northern counterparts.


This is also for Tom and Rob.


This is for my dad Tom and for my good friend Rob back in Okinawa.

Sunday Night Study.

After the time of hanging out with some of the college group, the group headed back to the church for the Sunday night study. The Sunday night study is taught only in English. Pastor Mike taught in the book of Judges.

Fellowship Time.

It was a blessed time being able to fellowship after church with the college age group that attends CC Daejeon. The place the group took us was a sweet place. It was a coffee shop that offers board games for people to relax and hang out.

Sunday Morning.

Sunday morning is always a fun time in Korea. Sunday's is always a great day in the Korean culture. Many Koreans go to church and close shops up during the morning. As a majority Christianity makes up a little over 50% of the countries religion.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eating at Pastor Cobbs house.

Pastor Cobb and his wife invited the CCBC Tokyo group over for dinner. The dinner took me back, they literally had a feast awaiting for us. Pastor Cobb hooked us up with a Korean meal that served thick pieces of pork. It was good food. Pastor Cobb knows how to hook up his guests.

Beautiful weather.

The weather was beautiful today in Korea. Yesterday the weather was dark and rainy the whole day. This morning the weather looked like it was going to be the same but it turned the for best. The sun was out and allowed us to have a bosses day of ministry at an orphanage.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dinner time with fellowship.

After going to house of hope we all went out for dinner, we ate a famous Korean dish called Dak-Albi (probably misspelling) it was good grub. The meal comes with chicken in Korean culture the men are only allowed to eat the meat on the chicken wing. Here josh getting down.

High view of Korea.

The group was able to spend some time with Daniel and his wife at their apartment. They live on the 13th floor and have a good view of the city. Korea has changed alot over the years but according to Daniel by looking at the building below in the pictures you get a feel of what Korea looked 10-20 years ago.

The "Snowball"

This is Daniel's car. It is small and white thus the nickname people have given Daniel's car "The Snowball". It is great to hang out with Daniel. Daniel is a CCBC Okinawa alumni. After school God called Daniel to Korea to help pastor Mike. Now Daniel is married to a Korean girl and is happily serving in Korea.

Ministering at House of Hope.

This is the building called "House of Hope", here the building ministers to those with mental disabilities. It is a real blessing to be here. Those that came from CC Daejeon spent time with the men and women who lived here. (Sorry for this picture, I forgot my camera until we were about to leave)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hanging in Korea.

We are at CC Dajeon and chilling with Daniel and Grace. Here is Allie and Josh hanging out.

People Baking Toast.

We have made it safely to Korea and here we ate the infamous People Baking Toast. This is Josh's first time eating it. People Baking Toast is a store that makes and serves sandwiches but are toasted. It's good grub.

Busy morning.

I left early in the morning to meet the students in Narita airport. Tokyo mornings in the train is crazy, everyone is getting on and all head towards downtown for work. The trains get packed, people literally squish in the train. Tokyo morning train rides are an experience.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Korea bound.

Today, I will leave to Korea with a couple of students for a small missions trip. We will meet with CC Daejeong and CCBC Korea. It will be fun. Please pray for the small group of three.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Praying for Ryuko.

It has been a blessing when God brought Ryuko to CC Fuchu to help at the church and school. Now, it is time for Ryuko to head back to Okinawa on Saturday. It was a blessing for the those who attended W2:Tokyo to lift her up in prayer for her last Sunday in Tokyo. May God continue to guide and speak to Ryuko as she continues on her venture with God.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soon to have company.

Half the semester has almost flown by. Soon the students from Okinawa will make their way over here to the campus in Tokyo to finish their second half. It will give great to have the students join us. Alex won't be the only student sitting here in the building!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Different people, same steps of faith.

It encouraged me on Sunday to have had Mariko lead worship at W2. Leading worship is nothing new to Mariko as she is the worship leader for CCFuchu. Nevertheless it encouraged me to see her take another step of faith in leading worship at W2. Many have taken a step of faith in playing worship and for this reason they have grown in their walk with Jesus. He encouraged knowing that your "little" steps o faith lead to a big result.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who is this guy!?

Tatsuhiko has come back from his semester at Okinawa studying English. It is good to see him, please keep Tatsuhiko in prayer as he desires to continue studying English. This time, Tatsuhiko has intention on going to Hawaii in the summer for his English lessons.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Let the work continue!

My Dad came up from Okinawa to help prepare for when the students come from Okinawa. With the span of 2 1/2 days the goal was to build 4 triple bunk beds and a cafe counter top. It was a busy time but wonderful. It was also to spend time with my old man.