Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spearman's Going away

This was the last Sunday for the Spearman family. On Tuesday night the Spearman are leaving back to Idaho. Rusty and Amber have been missionaries in Japan for the past 3 years starting in Okinawa and then moving to Tokorozawa and finally at Fuchu. God has thrown many blessings to the Spearmans including the addition to the family with little Adele. Please pray for the Spearmans for God's leading when they move back to America.

Tokyo Skyline

These pictures were taken from the Shinjuku Government building on the 45th or 46th floor. The sight was amazing, it is incredible at what man is able to create. But we must never forget the ultimate Creator, the one who created Heaven and Earth plus Man.

Downtown visit

On Saturday, Lewis took me and Toki to downtown Tokyo. This place is huge, the whole area of Tokyo continues for miles, as far as the eye can see. It was a huge blessing to have visited downtown Tokyo.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cute Kids

Here is a picture of the 4 - 6 years old holding up their finished crafts. They learned the story of "Jesus feeding the 5,000" and made table place mats to remember the story. These kids are fun to work with and along with always being adorable.

Lewis teaching the Word.

CC Fuchu has a Bible study on Friday nights. This Friday marked the beginning of something new as Lewis will now be teaching every other week and switching with Pastor Rich. Here's Lewis and Aki getting ready to teach the Word; praise the Lord for Lewis stepping out in faith!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Outside with the kids

The kids at the daycare go outside to play on the play area while waiting for their parents to arrive. These kids are funny and all are unique.

I kept my eyes on this boy while he was holding the lizard, I didn't want any animal abuse going on while on my watch.

This kid was styling, check out his clothing apparel as it all matched perfectly. I called this boy "watermelon", his clothes was sharp and also made me hungry.

Riding bikes in style.

In Tokyo almost every person has a bike. Cars in Tokyo aren't needed as much as in the states or even in Okinawa, getting around in a bike is convenient. Many of the kids who get dropped of by their moms come in by this standard bike equipped with a chair in the back but also in the front. Going in style, Tokyo mom style!

Partying Hard!

The kids at the summer school program stay from 8:30am to 3:00pm. After three o'clock there runs an "extension" time that goes on from 3:00 to 5:00. During the extension time five kids knocked out while Rusty was reading to them. Here's one of the kids who was partying with too much English!

Arrived in Fuchu!!!!!

Here's Toki helping Rusty in teaching the kids how to share. CC Fuchu is running a summer school program for two weeks. Me and Toki have arrived at the second week and was able to jump right into the mix with being the new teachers "Mr.Zach" and "Mr.Toki".

Going Away Beach Bash Party

Normally on Sunday nights CC Ginowan has W2 but instead it was canceled and the fellowship was taken to Kouki Beach up North. The fellowship was fun as it was a going away party for both me and Toki.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dessert and Monopoly

Saturday night was a blessing as the Magnusson couple invited both Toki and me to their house for dinner and to play a board game. Check out the pictures, the dessert tasted as good as it looks.

                                            Whipped Cream was spared at no expense...

           Toki won Monopoly for the first time that night. He played the game as if he was Warren Buffett.

Boy Wonder #14

On Saturday, majority of the students saw missionary/ newly married Rob Wunderlich pitch his first baseball game with his newly joined team "Aniya". Aniya, is a club team, all of the players on the team play for the love of the game and in hope of getting recognition from other teams of more high status eventually leading them up to play in Japan's "MLB". Rob pitched against the local college that is close to the church. Sadly, Aniya lost 8-3.... Continue to be a witness to the team Rob!!!!!

Bitter Sweet Blessings.

In preparing to leave for Tokyo, it has been bitter sweet. "Bitter" as I am leaving friends and Okinawa (though not forever) and "Sweet" for the blessings that have been coming my way. As you can see the "Sweet" is the wonderful and delicious food, I love Japanese food and it has been a blessing to have been getting the "hook-ups" of the sweet food. One thing I love about Japanese food is that you don't get fat as quick as you would eating alot of American food.

Last Cleaning Day

For the past year and a half, I have been cleaning at a school named "New Life Christian Academy", this past Friday was both mine and Toki's last day cleaning. God provides in many wonderful and often unexpected ways, cleaning at New Life has been a blessing to me as God has used this school to help sustain majority of my financial needs. The baton has been passed from me and Toki and onto the other students, I know they will be blessed just like me.

Chess Showdown

Yoshua (Left) challenged Tom Cotton (Right) to a game of chess after our midweek Bible study (Acts 2:42) was finished. Yoshua likes to play chess and often challenges chess (semi-professional) player Rob Wunderlich. Yoshua put another victory notch after winning against Tom, good job Yoshua! (P.S. It looks as though Jon Piper (center) was telling Yoshua what to do subliminally.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tom Cotton

This morning, Tom Cotton gave a devotion today out of Romans 5:12-19. Tom reminded all of us of the free wonderful gift that we have thru Jesus Christ. Good job Tom!

First Blog.

This is the first blog of hopefully many many  more blogs to come.

Okinawa is a wonderful place to be at, the weather is wonderful and the beaches are beautiful.
But one thing that I am reminded is that wherever the Lord has lead and called you to, that place is wonderful and beautiful as well.
Being in the will of God is the safest place to be in. You can be in the middle of a war zone but if God has called that person to be in that war zone then God's protection is at work. More so than that of a person who sitting safely in his house who is being disobedient to the Lord by not performing what God has called them to do.

For me, I believe the will of God is to be in Tokyo to start an extension campus. I do not know of what to expect of what will happen there in Tokyo but what I do know is that where the Lord leads, He is also protecting me. Beautiful