Monday, January 30, 2012

Let the semester begin!

Today is the first of the Spring semester for CCBC Japan (Okinawa & Tokyo). It is special for CCBC Tokyo, we have a building, place to house students and to go full-time. God is good, much has changed these past six-months. Time flies.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Incredible View

Here lies the famous Mt.Fuji. On a clear day you see just how big this mountain really is, incredible. In Tokyo, Any building with a view of Mt.Fuji rents or sells at a higher price. But with God leading us to the building, this view was an extra blessing.

Head "Honchos"

This is a great pic of Calvary Pastors in Japan. Almost every Calvary Pastor in the nearby Tokyo region came out to attend. Everyone looks good and has their "mob faces on".

CCBC Tokyo Building dedication.

On Friday night it was a blessing to have a dedication celebration. Many Calvary pastors came to celebrate along with many of those who attended their fellowships. The placed was packed as you can see.

Getting ready.

The semester is quickly approaching and with that said, there are still projects to do. Luckily, my Dad came up to help and as the picture shows, we've built a stage for the cafe area.

The amazing "PT" straps.

Since moving to Japan there are not many gyms to workout in at a reasonable price. Luckily, the "Physical Training" straps come into effect. Using the straps I have never missed a workout day, literally these straps can be used anywhere.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Let it snow, let it snow.

Throughout the day, it rained continually. Then suddenly at night it started to snow and within the hour everything was covered in snow. It is funny how fast an area can look different in snow.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy birthday.

CCFuchu celebrated the birthdays found in January. Here is me, Aki and Logan. It was more special for Logan since his birthday is today. Happy birthday Logan.

Family Karaoke Day.

WeGoEigo Fuchu put on a time for parents an kids to sing Karaoke. Japan really likes this kind of thing, singing songs and spending time with friends. It was a real fun time.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another has come.

Meet Josh Taka,
Josh is currently the newest missionary to CC Fuchu. Josh hails from the island of Oahu. God is already doing a work in his life as he has been blessed with a 3 year missionary visa. Japan usually does not give three years to a new missionary to Japan but with God, anything is possible. Amen.

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Bible study: Disciples In Training.

God put it on Pastor Rich's heart to teach a 12 week study called "Disciples In Training". This study has been taught at CC Honolulu. Pastor Rich desires for those who attend on Friday nights to be grounded with a proper understanding of Biblical theology. The study sounds intense but it is properly laid out to easily understand. Please pray that God will touch hearts to those who attend.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Going back home.

Time has flown by fast, it is hard to believe that three weeks has come and gone. Much has happened during that time starting from Christmas, New Years and the Missions Conference in Murrietta you realize how time ran away. It was wonderful to have met up with my family both in California and those from Okinawa. Until the next time we meet again, it is interesting to see what God has in store this next semester with the Ruiz family and CCBC Japan.

Family Pictures. (Memory Lane)

It is amazing how you can look at a picture and have memories come flooding back into your mind. Hard to believe that this picture was taken some 16-15 years ago. Here's my Grampa with all of my siblings at the time. (Asa came nine to ten years later)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Calvary Chapel: Into The Light

Pastor Tom was able to share with the body at CC Into the light. The Ruiz family has known this part of the body for over a decade and it is wonderful to see them continue to thrive. Here's Pastor Mike giving announcements and also their cool looking sign.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Workshop with Scott Cunningham.

Scott put on a workshop to briefly explain how to become better at playing guitar but also on how to effectively lead worship. Worship is a very important area and should never be taken lightly.

Look who it is!!

It was a total surprise to have seen Caroline here at Murrieta. She is here visiting family in the mainland and came by for the conference to attend one day. Caroline is preparing to return back to Japan and help with Rich at the school. Please keep her in prayer.

McBades Rig

My Dad is holding missionary John McBade's guitar. John's guitar is literally "one of a kind" as it is custom made from Taylor's head repair technician. John and his family are missionaries in Japan helping in Ome.

Pastor Juan Domingo

Pastor Juan Domingo currently ministers in Mexico, God has used Juan to plant many Calvaries there in the country. Pastor Juan is a living example of changing identity to meet the people. First arriving to Mexico, Juan did not know Spanish but he slowly learned Spanish and later on he also changed his American name to Juan Domingo. Pastor Juan is heavily involved in Mexico and is currently planting another church and ministering to the areas devastated by the drug trafficking wars.

Younger generation.

Scott Cunningham is Costa Mesa's worship leader. This conference, his daughter (center) is able to come alongside him to help lead worship. She is a wonderful singer and looks like a promising future worship leader like her father.

Monday, January 2, 2012

After glow

Many wonderful things continues on during a time of after glow. I always look forward during a time of after glow. The message continues to speak to your heart, God reveals, prayer is given up to God. Afterglow....

Hannah behind the scenes.

During the winter break, CCBC Murrieta allows a small group of students to either work or help in various areas at the retreat center. The Lord put it on Hannah's heart to help with the sound for the retreats. Now, Hannah is able to help with the missions conference. Glad to now she is being taught well on how to do sound. Her teachers are professionals.

Let the conference begin.

This picture doesn't show but this place is packed during the sessions. Many Calvary missionaries come to attend this annual conference.

Beautiful Murrieta

CCBC Murrieta is a place like no other. As the missions conference is about to begin it couldn't be held at a more beautiful location. Please lift the conference in your prayers that God will touch hearts, renew vision and strengthen the souls of His missionaries and those mission minded.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pastor John Greenroyd

Pastor John pastors Calvary Chapel Los Alamitos in Orange County. Formerly, Pastor John and his family were missionaries in England until God called them back to start a church in Southern Califronia. It is always a blessing to come and visit the body in Los Alamitos.

Winter Reunion.

On Wednesday, Tatsuhiko got picked up by Jon (right) and Michael. It was good to see and catch up with these two again. Previously, both Michael and Jon attended last year's Spring semester in Okinawa. Now Jon is serving as a missionary and Michael is serving the Lord at his home in Vegas.