Saturday, February 16, 2013

A wonderful addition.

Welcome baby Rihito Elias Wunderlich, the first born son of Rob and Rika. Everyone in Okinawa and Tokyo has been waiting for him to come and he finally did last night. There were no complications with baby Rihito, he is a healthy
and strong. I am extremely happy for Rob and Rika. I cannot wait to meet and hold Rihito in person.
Please lift up baby Rihito in your prayers, for the Lord's anointing and blessing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Worship at CC Iruma.

The semester has began and so does the various ministries alongside other Calvary churches in Japan. This month I am able and blessed to help lead worship at Calvary Chapel Iruma with Pastor Dan Bolinger. I have known Dan for quite some time but never seen nor visited CC Iruma in person. I apologize as I did not take a good picture of Dan. I will be sure to post one this coming Sunday. Please continue to lift the Bolinger family in your prayers for guidance, comfort and provision from God.

Monday, February 4, 2013

CCBC Orientation.

The Spring semester of 2013 has officially begun here in Japan. My Dad has flown from Okinawa to see how things are doing here in Tokyo. Here he is with both Naoko giving a devotional through FaceTime to the students in Okinawa. Please pray for the students and faculty this semester. Also, please pray for the 6 Japanese students that are attending as well.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paige bound for Tokyo.

Paige's stay in Tokyo was brief as she is intended to start the first half of the semester in Okinawa with the rest of the students. I was able to take her to a bus bound for Tokyo Station. It was good to show her around while taking the trains to Tokyo Station to catch her bus. While traveling Paige saw a sumo. Sumo's are common around downtown Tokyo but Paige is the first bible college student to take a picture with one. What a treat. We'll see Paige in Tokyo in two months.

Inokashira Park.

This past Saturday some from the Bible College went out for the day. We decided to take Paige down to Inokashira Park. The weather was extremely nice for this time of year. At the park there were many people out enjoying the warm sunshine. There were many vendors and entertainers at the park. What a great time to hang out and see the areas around Tokyo.

Paige has arrived.

Paige is here to attend her second semester of Bible College. Paige is from California, please pray for her this semester and the many things God has in store for her here in Japan. Here is Paige with Jesse and Josh as we head out to Kichijoji Station. Already taking the trains like a pro.